Termites Are What We Do

Unitech Exterminating has all the termite treatment and prevention solutions for your termite problems. Whether you’re looking for a proactive solutions such as our Termite Warranty or reactive solutions such as our Termite Treatments, we will be able to fit your need. Call us today at 602-863-4042 or schedule an appointment online for a free termite inspection.

What Are Termites?

Did you know that Phoenix is home to both subterranean termites and drywood termites? Subterranean termites are the most common termites in the valley, causing the most problems for Arizona homeowners. It is important to know the type of subterranean termites we have are very specific to the desert southwest. Unlike other parts of the country that have formosan subterranean termites, which can cause damage in a fairly short period of time, the types that live in the desert tend to take a longer time to do substantial damage. This is good news for Arizona homeowners because with a prevention service like our Uniguard Termite Warranty by Unitech Exterminating, you can easily avoid costly substantial damage.

Why Unitech Exterminating?

Unitech Exterminating has been a leading termite treatment, termite inspection, and termite warranty company in the valley since 1988. With over 25 years of experience in helping Phoenix homeowners treat termites, we have found the best termite treatment is prevention. To help our customers and all valley residents, we introduced our Uniguard Termite Warranty and Protection service in 2010 and are quickly expanding it to help other neighborhoods in the valley.

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Proactive Termite Solution

It’s true there are 2 types of homes…the home that has termites and the home that will get termites. If the termites go undetected they will damage your home.

Knowing this, Unitech Exterminating has developed the perfect “Proactive” solution called the UNI-Guard Termite Warranty. It is the only full coverage termite warranty in the valley and is guaranteed to be the only warranty you will ever need! Call 602-863-4042 for more information or schedule a free termite inspection and start up appointment below.

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Interested in general Pest Control?

Unitech Exterminating is proud to offer quality general pest control for all those unwanted pests that the valley has. To learn more about our general pest control services please click here.