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Bee Removal

Uni-Tech Pest Control takes great pride in our expert bee removal services, serving the Metro Phoenix area.

Residents of Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding cities are very likely to encounter a bee removal problem at some point, especially during the warm seasons of spring and summer. Bees are a very important part of the food chain and we make every effort to safely conduct safe bee removal. We prefer to keep the bees alive. However, as more Africanized bees have arrived in the valley, bees have become much more aggressive and dangerous. For the sake of public safety, these aggressive bee swarms will likely need to be destroyed.

Uni-Tech Pest Control are the professionals for bee removal in Phoenix, AZ. We have many years of experience in identifying the type of bee and we have special equipment that can remove them safely from hard to reach areas.

Bee hives can become embedded inside your house, your walls and your attic. Most homes in greater Phoenix, AZ do not have crawl spaces under the floors but if your home does, this is a prime spot for bees to start a hive.

If you suspect you have bees or wasps as unwelcome visitors on your property call us right away. Don’t do anything to agitate the bees and keep the kids and elderly safe inside. We will arrive promptly and give you an expert assessment of what all the options are.

If you are stung by a bee, experts advise to try and use a credit card to swipe the stinger out of your skin.

Once that is done, put a cold compress on it. If the wound starts to swell or if you are having trouble breathing, call 911 immediately.

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